Where Mistress Infinity Studies

The library is a beautiful place. Candles light the room and incense wafts on a gentle breeze. The bookcase walls house countless books on every subject imaginable. Outdoors the castle garden boasts beautiful lilacs and roses, two of Mistress Infinity’s favorite flowers. Indeed, she carries a small bouquet as she beckons you into the cozy room…..

Get comfortable. This is one of my favorite rooms in the castle. It is here that I come to learn about the wide universe. I have many interests and my thirst for knowledge seems endless.

Besides my own personal study, I enjoy having my slaves sit at my feet and read to me. Sometimes it’s the daily news, other times it’s a sensual adventure. Some of my most devoted admirers pen poems, beautiful sonnets pouring their hearts out to me. These I treasure.

I also write opinion/rant pieces on being a Domme and the BDSM lifestyle in general. You may read some of these in my study. I am presently working on my own personal history and this is taking some time, along with a great deal of thought and emotional impact. I am hoping to find a slave biographer in the future to help with this task. But it must be someone I can trust with the secrets of my life.

I enjoy browsing the web and have found many subjects of interest. Essays by other Mistresses, essays by submissives, medical herbalism, pharmacology, aromatherapy, neurolingusistic programming, other psychology topics, human engineering, hypnosis, mind control, new age, feminism, radicalism, Nietzche, other philosophers, dragons, unicorns and heartless bitches!

Anyway, enjoyable as this intellectual feast is, I believe you probably came to visit my library for reading matter of a different sort. Well, you won’t be disappointed. Here many of my stories (written as Ms.C. or Madame Hypnotica), written over the years, have been archived. There are also stories by some of my slaves. Look into my scrolls…..

Atonement By the Balls The Birthday Picnic Broken Seduced Into Servitude
Female Domination Country Style Mistress of Domestic Arts and Sciences Elements of a Session My Enema Mistress The Training of Gertrude
Hot Fun in the Summertime The Boss Ladys New Toy The Institute Living the 24/7 Lifestyle The Making of Miss Patty
Mommy C.’s Baby Ms.C.’s Panty Sissy The Nurse Will See You Now Under My Lady’s Feet Training the Panty Maid Slave
Life With Mistress Infinity Spiritual Aspects of Surrender Submission and Servitude Techniques of Servitude The Whipping Boy

If you would like to post these stories anywhere, or on your own website, or in a story archive, please give credit where credit is due. Provide my name, email address and pointer back to this website. Like this:
From the archives of:

Femina Rising and Slave School 2000
Mistress Infinity

I have a lot of new training material but it is only available to enrolled students in my Slave School 2000. Information on enrollment can be found here. There are over 10 mb of files in the Slave School archives.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to the Castle Library. Perhaps now you can see that I am a complex woman indeed. But I also have my playful side!