Opportunities to Serve Mistress Infinity

The necessary documents to be considered for training with Mistress Infinity are The Submission Checklist, The Short Negotiation Form and the Entreaty Form. No applications that have not paid the first month tuition ($75) for Slave School 2000 will be accepted. These documents (Slave School 2000) are mandatory learning materials. Without them, any supplicant would fail miserably in approaching me, let alone pleasing me.

Here is my latest information and expectations:
I am a 48 year old, tall, full figured, feminine woman living in Maine with a live in slave girl. I am especially reaching out to those who desire to explore true submission fully under the tutelage of a demanding woman. I make the rules. Those who serve me must be ready to obey.

I take dominance and slave training very seriously, but I am not so full of myself that I can’t enjoy a good laugh sometimes. There is a time to be serious and a time to have a little fun. Again, that is my choice. I decide who is truly worthy to serve me, and I am very picky.

If having a woman truly in control is not your cup of tea, read no further. However, if you want to experience my style of female dominance, read on!

Characteristics necessary in the slave(s) I choose: honesty, obedience, experience preferred but will consider a motivated novice, willingness, adventurous, extreme sincerity, willing to make a lasting commitment on whatever level of training/submission we agree on, dependability, able to discern my reality apart from his fantasy, docility, impeccable loyalty, a sincere desire to help and be helpful, a sincere desire to devote himself to my happiness. The acceptable candidate will realize that some of the activities I enjoy are for training, submissive development, while others are purely play. I decide when, if and how we will play.

Training activities I am very experienced and proficient in include: TV/feminization, maid training, domestic servitude, petticoat punishment, bondage both simple and intricate rope webs, outdoor adventures, foot worship training, panty slavery, clothespins and clamps, candle wax, fantasy age regression and all that entails, confinement, isolation ordeals, penis torment, CBT, chastity, KTB, orgasm training/denial/ permission, medical/nurse scenarios, physical exams, hypnosis, humiliation, drudgery, labor slave, prison stays, penitents. Naturally, limits are explored safely and sanely with sensitivity.

I have no interest in sexual intercourse, so this is NOT one of the activities I enjoy or indulge in with a male slave. Personal body servant duties are limited to things like massage, foot worship, bathing attendant, manicures, pedicures, etc. Other than limited training experiences, these personal servitude activities are reserved for my full time fully owned personal slaves.

Other considerations: My live in slave girl participates in all activities and must be respected as senior slave, my second in command. No sexual contact with her or any other slave will be allowed. In person training can last 2-3 hours, overnight, several days, week(s), month(s) or a life time if this lifestyle truly suits the candidate. If distance or time prohibits meeting me in person I also train postally, by email (my SlaveSchool2000 program), audio cassette or phone.

I also seek local (within travel distance of my home)errand slaves and those interested in photo/video sessions. I would especially like to have a slave who owns a digital camera for my use. Errand slave duties involve showing up at my home at a pre-appointed time and taking myself, slave girl or both of us out on local errands as needed. Financial responsibility would be limited, the errand slave may need to pick up a few groceries or other items during errands. This would be discussed ahead of time. Pre-training is required for this part-time position.

The Queen’s photographer is also a part-time position. The chosen slave would provide camera and all developing, copies, etc. as his financial contribution. Typical photo duties include photograhing Mistress Infinity and/or her slave girl in various poses, during training and other photos as directed. Pre-training is also required, as well as training in how I likes photos composed. The Queen’s photographer is not obligated to model in any of these photos, but may be rewarded by being allowed to do so if desired.

Total ownership possibilities include: part time or full time living in my home, by my rules 24/7. Strict obedience expected. Life with me 24/7 is not all fun and games, there are chores to be done, training, errands, servitude and down time in which I expect my slave to be busy at something productive. There are household duties shared with my live in slave girl, general rules and certain expectations. The acceptable candidate will be taught all he needs to know to successfully live in my home.
There are rituals of ownership, milestones of obedience that are carried out, both for my part time slave as well as full time. No one begins fully trained or fully owned, it takes time to blossom. I prefer long term training, a committment to really make this a lifestyle. However, I do accept short-termers. For the right male, this could be a permanent lifetime of service. Pre-training (in my SlaveSchool2000) is mandatory for all except the most exceptional candidate. It takes time to see if we are the perfect fit.

The acceptable candidate for the permanent full time position must relocate and have his own income. Household financial responsibilities are shared between my slave girl and I, the live in male who eventually becomes a part of my household will do the same. The live in candidate will be told what he is allowed to bring with him, space is limited, sleeping arrangements will be a roll away fold up bed or a sleeping bag on the floor.

Miscellaneous notes: Discretion is of utmost importance and is expected and assured both ways. Financial contributions are expected for all training options discussed in this post. Tuition deposit to secure your visit date/time advised. Phonies, do-me’s, game players, lover boys, doubting thomases and switches need not apply.

Also, I am not interested in an equal relationship. I am Mistress at all times, even when doing non-fetish activities. All others may write me a private email detailing why they wish to serve me, what their training goals are and what they have to offer. A non-sexual photo is also expected so I can see what my new candidate looks like.

Dare to go where others refuse to take you!

If you believe you have what it takes to serve a demanding Mistress like myself, or would like to attempt to learn, complete the Entreaty application today.