Hypnotic Journeys



You have decided to explore my chamber of hypnosis. Perhaps you are interested in experiencing deep hypnotic submission to me?

A few years ago I wrote an erotic fantasy story concerning hypnosis and mind control. It is about Brad, a man who works in a corporation led by a dominant woman. She decides she wants him better controlled. There is an underlying story about a company spy and that may lead to a sequel. I titled the story “The Boss Lady’s New Toy” and posted it in alt.sex.stories. It has been archived at The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive under the pen name of Madame Hypnotica. It is a bit further than I would go, but then that is how fantasy can be!

I believe hypnotic submission can be applied to slave training in encouraging submissive relaxation, orgasm control (with and without the KTB device), sissy maid, feminization, fetish exploration, submissive creativity, female dominant guided visualizations, vision quest, obedience, humiliation, human doggy training, adult baby, etc. The possibilities are endless.

I utilize hypnotic submission with audio cassettes. I do not do phone hypnosis, or hypnosis in person. Some of my slaves who visit me for in house training bring their own tape player and head phones and are required to use my tapes here on the premises. Preparing a hypnotic website is a new adventure for me and I am looking forward to feedback.

I believe the images are not copyrighted, but if someone finds one that is, please email me and it will be promptly removed. I am also planning on adding hypnosis to my email slave training, Slave School 2000, utilizing both graphics and text. I may add hypnotic phone training in the future.

I have prepared a hypnotic journey for you.

On each step of the journey you will find visuals and words. You may choose to focus on the visuals or the words, or both. If you choose the words follow them until they cease.

On each step of the journey you will find a hypno button (like the one below) to take you deeper into your journey of hypnotic submission with Mistress Infinity.

Remember, essentially all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Without your willing consent and participation it just doesn’t work. As you take this hypnotic journey I have prepared for you do not expect to go into a trance. You might. Some people do, others simply relax and feel no other difference. Each person has their own level of trance capability. It is counter productive to try to “force” yourself into hypnosis, or spend time trying to evaluate the quality of your self-hypnosis.

You are not being asked to participate without your full consent and you are free to discontinue at any time. You may view this journey as pure entertainment, or you may view it as a way to become much more submissive to me.

Enter at your own risk. Now, I think I have said enough.

Relax, get comfortable and when you are ready push the button below.

To begin your hypnotic journey, push this button…….