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Halt! You are about to enter Mistress Infinity’s Castle and Dungeons of Desire. Before you go any further, present your papers to the guard.

The guard scowls and looks you over.

“The Mistress has informed me that you must not be of tender years (under 21) or of a sensitive nature (not easily offended by alternative sensual lifestyles). There is no porno on this site but the alternative lifestyle of BDSM is the theme.”

“If this is so, and everything is in order you may continue. If not, please turn back now.”

Thank you for journeying to my realm. Be sure to visit often!

Dispatch a Scribe to the Mistress

Site opened April 25, 2001 by Mistress Infinity.

The Castle gate swings open……. Enter the Castle


The Female Supremacy WebRing

This WebRing is concerned with Female domination, goddess orientation, absolute total power exchange; these and sites in which the womyn is in charge; are all welcome. Sites in which female dominants train in service oriented submission and real world maid training are also welcome. This ring is about consensual female supremacy in which men want womyn to rule and promote that philosophy. We do not advocate force or violence. ProDommes are welcome if they advocate the philosophy of this ring. Femsubs and femslaves who serve a Domme, Domina, Mistress, Femdom, etc.; are also welcome to join this ring.


Qualifications and Instructions for Joining


  • Sites must adhere to the opening general statement (above) of the Female Supremacy web ring.
  • Adult sites are welcome, but they MUST meet the above qualifications. This is strictly enforced!
  • Personal pages are welcome and encouraged.
  • The Ring Graphics MUST be accessed from your own server.

How to Join
After filling out the form below, you will receive a confirmation email with your Site ID and the HTML fragment that you will cut and paste into your page’s HTML. It is requested that you place the Ring Link on your opening, or index, page, although “webring pages” are allowed, if they are easy to locate. You must add the code before you can become an active member of the Ring.

Once you have placed the Ring Code and graphics on your page, send an EMAIL so that your site can be reviewed and activated. You may also direct any questions concerning The Female Supremacy Ring to this address.

Femina Society Communications

Welcome to the Femina Rising Communications center. Here you can sign my guestbook and/or post on the discussion board. Just click on any/all below that interests you.

Thanks for visiting!

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