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Egroups lists sponsored by Mistress Infinity/patty the pooch

This first one is actually my slave/partner’s list. It is for submissives only. The rest are mine.


This list is started by patty the pooch for subs and/or slaves only. It is moderated. Switches are welcome IF you disucss the submissive side of your personality only. Absolutely no Dom/mes, Masters/Mistresses, Lords/Ladies, Sirs, etc.! This is a private space where we can relate those things that concern submissives only.


Here you may freely post your personals. Dom/mes, subs/slaves, ProDommes, Mistresses, Masters, submissives, slaves, servants, etc. Include location, an introduction on yourself and what you are looking for. Pictures may be posted in the files section, do NOT post them to the list.


There are many of us who have been around the BDSM/Femdom alternative lifestyle for many years. However, I have yet to see many books detailing our collective and personal histories. The point of this list is for us to share our personal histories and have them archived for those who come after us. All are welcome, but especially Old School, Old Leather, Old Code, Old Guard, etc.


This group is for the discussion of CBT, especially the erection prevention device the Kali’s Teeth Bracelet (named after the Hindu Goddess Kali – destroyer of male ego). However all CBT methods, chastity devices, reviews of such, experiences with such, orgasm control/denial, teasing for the purpose of restricting and denying orgasm, rules, training, play and keyholder and those who seek them, are all welcome here!


This is a safe space for Dom/Dommes, Masters/Mistresses, Lord/Ladies.. etc. in the BDSM, D/s, TPE…. etc. lifestyles to discuss safety issues special to us. There are many forums for submissive safety, and general forums for BDSM safety. There are few for dominant safety, thus this list is born!


Newsletter: Advice, Rant and Opinion from Mistress Infinity.


This group is for the exchange of femdom banners for femdom related sites only. No conversation, no advertisements (other than the banners and where to link them), no personals, no spam and no flames tolerated.


This is primarily a place for Mistresses, Dommes, Femdoms, Dominas, ProDoms to post their items/services for sale. Vendors of items of interest to Femdoms and those who serve them, may also use this space. BDSM/femdom EBay auctions may also be announced here.


This group is for those who are interested or practice the Gorean TPE lifestyle. Cyber Goreans are welcome as well. High Protocol is welcome but not mandatory. Free women either Mistress or not are also welcome. No bias according to gender, but players and more equal types may not feel comfortable here.


Discussion, experiences and techniques practiced by Dommes who use hypnosis. Hypnotic seduction, hypnotic tease, etc. All are welcome. No spam, no flames and no one-liners. Hypnotic files are welcome, Mistress Infinity is currently adding MP3 voice files.


Mistress Infinity offers an inexpensive Sissy Maid Summer Camp/Finishing School here in Maine. This group is for those who are interested in attending, to discuss the details. Preliminary individual training with Mistress Infinity can be arranged on an individual basis.


The purpose of this list is the discussion of real life training in BDSM lifestyle and practices for sissy maids, house slaves, house boys/maids, part time slaves, full time slaves, lifestylers, ownership slaves and all related individuals.


This is a place where Dom/mes and subs/slaves may come together and exchange real email training leading to relationships offline, if they do desire. This a pansexual learning space in which all colors of BDSM can learn and thrive.


This area is for enrolled (tuition paid) students of the Femina Rising online school for slaves. Conducted by Mistress Infinity. Membership is completely anonymous, only Mistress Infinity knows who is in each class. Lessons will be uploaded to the files area and announcement sent to all class members, all active students will email their completed assignments to Mistress Infinity (hitting reply will send your message directly to Mistress Infinity


Not sure if you want to enroll in the Slave School 2000 program? Well, join the waiting room until you decide. This is an announcement only list that will contain a fraction of the files, lessons, tasks and pictures to be found in the Slave School 2000 class room. Membership in this waiting room is free


This group is for submissives who enjoy the puppy role, human dog, doggie training, etc. This is NOT a bestiality group, but rather one in which submissives fantasy play the roles of puppies and doggies. Dom/mes are welcome to join as well if they have an interest in this form of BDSM play.