A Mistress Who Cooks!

Laughing, yes I am a Mistress who loves to cook and my ample form gives joyful evidence to that fact. As I have ventured out into other realms of the WWW kingdom, I have found a few choice sites with recipes to share. My preferred format for recipes is Meal-Master, altho I also like Master-Cook.

Of course, I also adore having a sweet slave prepare me a meal and enjoy being served in style as Queen of my Castle. Oh! And tho I might cook, I definitely do not wash dishes! My sweet maids and house servants have definite duties, servitude is a lifestyle in the Castle. I will consider a new maid or house servant trainee.

I don’t know why, but everyone raves about my pasta salad. It’s not that spectacular, and I learned the basics through watching my Southern step-mom make potato salad. I use the same formula for potato, tuna, egg, chicken, macaroni and, of course, pasta salad. I guess the secret ingredient is mustard. Now some people go Yeeeech! when I mention mustard, but really it gives it that special taste.

So for a basic pasta salad I use a 1lb. box of pasta shapes or macaroni, shells work good too. Boil this and in a separate pan hard boil 6 good size eggs. I like to add canned turkey, ham or chicken; but leftover meats works as well as long as you chop it up. I like onion so I add 1/2 of an onion chopped real fine. I mix it all together with Hellmann’s mayonaise and a tablespoon of Dijonaise (but any mustard will do).

Sprinkle in some salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste and it’s all ready to eat! That’s all there is to it.

The other types I mentioned above work the same way only add the appropriate ingredients. Don’t forget the mustard and garlic powder, that’s what makes it special.

Another one of my easy favorites is a spaghetti recipe…. I like to use angel hair pasta. Boil the pasta, then add 1 or 2 cans of pasta ready tomatoes, 2-3 cups shredded mozarella cheese and 1 lb. of cubed sliced ham or sliced pepperoni. Salt, pepper and garlic powder and it’s ready!