Just A Peek


My goodness! I caught you sneaking a look at my lingerie collection!

Laughing, well as long as you are here take a good look. I love lingerie and this is just a sample of what I have….

My favorite, long flowing nightgowns of black with lace. My favorite color being purple, I have two purple gowns from Frederick’s along with a purple lace catsuit. I also have sexy gowns in white, red, blue and a rainbow of other colors. Some of my gowns are more demure, suitable for the governess or strict disciplinarian. I enjoy wearing my black lace catsuit under my many sensual gowns. I like patterned hose and have some with roses, diamond pattern and others. I like matching lacy bra and panties sets, slips with lace and spandex catsuits. I also like to relax in one of my long flowing caftans.

I am a full-figured Domina who thoroughly enjoys femininity in all forms. Here are a few pieces of lingerie I would love to receive from a submissive admirer. Remember my ample size is 3X. If you wish to gift Miss Patty, her size is XL or 1X. We both have a shoe size of 7 1/2. (US sizes)Click on a picture to go directly to the store to purchase.

3434 2038 3502

Visit thier site and purchase a gift certificate for someone special (or even for me!) today!

My supplicants sometimes submit gifts of lingerie in hopes of pleasing me. And it does please me! I would be thrilled to receive any of these beautiful fashions. Perhaps a suitable reward for such a gift would be photos of me wearing it?