Mistress Infinity is a Wiccan High Priestess and Matriarch

You follow Mistress Infinity into the chapel not sure what to expect. Instead of being an intimidating place, it is really kind of cozy. In the middle of each wall is a small round table. Looking closer you see that each is different. One is decorated in yellow and has a picture of a breezy day, another is adorned with green and the picture is of a huge green tree, the third table is covered in a red cloth with a picture of a volcano, while the fourth is adorned in blue with a gorgeous ocean motif. Each table has a matching candle and unique candle holder.

In the center of the room is a patterned carpet. Off to one side is a slightly larger round table holding candles, incense holder, bell, chunks of rocks, shells, a feather and several small statues. A shelf beneath the table holds a thick black book inscribed with a silver design. Vanilla incense perfumes the air. On the walls, black cast iron sconces clasp thick burning candles. The smell of the burning wax mingles with the incense.

To your surprise what dominates the room is a large comfy chair with a clear reading lamp next to it. A small chest sits next to the chair. Next to the chest is a stool. The Mistress motions for you to seat yourself there. Seating herself in the big over stuffed chair she begins to speak….

I have been a follower of the Goddess, in this lifetime, since the early 70’s. Perhaps I always was, but was never aware of it. I had tried a number of religions before coming to the Goddess. Funny enough, the first book on Wicca was one that was not religious at all, but more of a workbook for various help yourself rituals. In the mid-70’s I produced a small zine called Word to the Wise. It was a little mimeographed affair, but a lot of fun.

I am a solitaire at this time. That means I practice my religion alone, rather than in an organzied group. From time to time, I will participate in ritual with someone close. It is hard to pin-point exactly what tradition I follow, perhaps it is one of my own. I am a solitary woman, a recluse. I am not attracted to glamour and glitter, but prefer the natural easy-going life out in the country. Ideal for Wicca, which is at it’s heart a nature religion.

A few years ago I came across the Service of Mankind Church and realized I was attracted to a concept of the Goddess called the Dark Goddess. In this I found a way to incorporate some of my Female Dominant beliefs into Goddess religion. While I don’t really think this totally sums me up, impossible, I am sure, it at least gives me a starting point for discussion. Sometimes heated discussion, to be sure.

My dream is to be part of an intentional community that has both Female Domination and Goddess as it’s focus. I am most attracted to the idea of the triple Goddess archetypes. A book I read that includes my dream is Amazon by Barbara Walker. The Goddess center described in the book is much as I would have it. The only difference, it would not be for women only. Men, too, who shared the vision would be a part of the community. However, I recently attempted a small intentional community and the bad points out-weighed the good. Perhaps someday I will try again.

I consider almost anything to be a ritual activity if done in the right frame of mind. Who’s to say what frame of mind that is? Laughing. But here are a few of my ideas…. (theme refers to day, occasion, etc.)

Ritual Activity Ideas

Go on a theme related quest, i.e. shopping for candles, etc.
Create a collage meaningful to the ritual theme.
Write a theme related paper on the festival or ritual.
Compose a poem or group of poems relevant to the theme.
Create a new ritual using an artistic talent.
Create something new for the altar.
Cook something theme related or plan a festival feast.
Put together a theme related music tape or buy music.
Learn a form of natural healing.
Create a new piece of Goddess writing, i.e., story, etc.
Create a theme related needlework.
Plant flowers and nurture their growth.
Learn a form of dance.
Perform a purification fast.
Perform an act of personal sacrifice.
Do some psychic house cleaning.
Learn a form of divination.
Find a new ritual tool.
Perform a theme related Spiritual Retreat.
Go on a Vision Quest.
Read a theme related book.
Think of new possible ritual activities.

In one corner of the room is a small bookcase. Unlike the library, these titles are more specialized as is appropriate here in the chapel….

The candles flicker and you realize it is time to leave the chapel. Mistress Infinity is lost in thought and hardly notices you leave.