The Ivory Queen

As you follow Mistress Infinity down the hall you peek into the Castle Bathroom. Turning with a smile, the Mistress ushers you into the pristine privy. It looks innocent enough. Looking around, you do not see anything but the ordinary accessories one would hope to find in any bathroom. It is a small but pretty feminine room.

There are a number of activities in my castle that center around the bathroom. Of course attending me in my bath, as described elsewhere, is probably the highlight of any slave’s bathroom experience. At the other end of the spectrum is enema training. In between is learning to properly clean the bathroom as a part of domestic duties and the relaxing soaks I require each of my slaves to endure. Most enjoy this aspect as it helps them relax and strengthen their submission to me. The bathroom sink is sometimes used in panty training as the slave handwashes my panties. There is also the rare case of the slave who comes to me for adult baby training, diaper changes are in the bathroom. But that is further discussed in the Castle Nursery.
I believe enema training can be one of the most humiliating forms of training a slave. Some trainees crave humiliation, but enemas effect a person on so many levels that humiliation becomes a part of the process. If I am in a very strict mood I like to give the slave a little verbal humiliation as the enema progresses. Other times I remain quiet.

I do not use enemas in the training of every slave, but it is an option. I prefer that a new slave be flexible enough to at least attempt one enema. But it is not required, and they will not be banished for being unable to do this. Also, some medical conditions prohibit enema training. This is why I need to have pertinent medical information from my slaves. I also need to know of any past experiences with enema and/or anal training. Of course enemas are carried out with the use of gloves and cleanliness.

I am a nurse and I sometimes dress in uniform, especially to give enemas and/or a physical exam. I have been thouroughly trained in the administration of enemas and I am very experienced in these areas. When a slave comes for a weekend or for a trial as a live-in, I like to take complete control of his bodily functions. This sometimes means being cleaned out with a series of enemas purified with various herbal drinks and then eating only what I decide is good. And the slave has bathroom privileges only on command. Permission must be obtained to go to and from the bathroom at all times, but especially during enema training.

My favorite enema series is the 3-3-3. This consists of three rounds of enemas each separated by 20 minutes or so. Each round consists of a mineral oil enema followed by suds followed by clear water. Each round increases in the size of the enema. The slave is directed to hold the enema in as long as possible before asking permission to expel. Enemas are very physically draining to the slave and they are allowed to rest when it is finished. If they become dizzy or have any other problems during the administration, the enema series is terminated.

When in service to me, enemas are used, for those in the enema training program, other during training times as well. On his knees, hands held in a submissive position, head bowed, I may direct certain other requirements from time to time such as holding a quart or two-quart enema, clipping a clothespin to one or both nipples, holding a butt plug internally, or something else for added discipline.

Each in person slave must provide their own enema kit or anything to be used on them of a personal nature, including butt plugs, vibrators and dildoes. These should be cleaned with soap and water, then with isopropyl alcohol. And this is the duty of the slave who brings these personal items, not my slave girl.

My favorite enema soap is peppermint liquid castile. It is hard to find so I have had slaves bring it to me in the past when they have located it.

Enema training is not for everyone, but for those slaves who can endure it, there are many benefits. Remember, do not assume anything. If in doubt, ask questions.

Any discussion of enema training would not be complete without some specifics on enema safety. So at this point, I would like to provide some excerpts I have found on the web. Please visit these sites and read the whole article.
From the Enema FAQ found on the Fetish Information Exchange.

“Cautions exist for people with heart diseases, cara-related diseases (asthma and such), diabetics, people with epilepsy, any woman during or just after pregnancy and in general for people who are not feeling well. In this case all stomach, intestinal and metabolism related diseases should be added to this list as well of course. Also, enemas may have a devastating inpact on people with an alcohol or drug addiction.”

From BDSM-Online.

“First off: Enema Play is NOT for the inexperienced person. If you think it is simply putting a hose up someone’s bum and turning on the tap think again. You can do a lot of physical damage. Seek out the advice from a Physician or a member of the Medical Community prior to play. Enemas should be done carefully and with consideration, the flow of liquids monitored and slowed or stopped if cramping or discomfort occurs and latex gloves worn at all times during administration. The use of water based gels which contain additives or colouring agents or flavours can sometimes have an adverse effect on the anus causing a burning sensation or cause an allergy reaction. Always clean/sterilize tips and tubes and make sure tips are secure. Never allow an air and water mixture to enter the bowel simultaneously as this will cause severe cramping. Don’t take water any hotter than 45 C or 113 F or you can scald the colon. You can however take it as cold as you can stand, some crush ice and add it to the enema bag.”

From Food Play Safety Tips from Sexuality.Org.

“You can put food up your ass, but you probably don’t want to eat it when it comes out. Even your own fecal matter harbors bacteria that are fine in your lower intestinal tract, but that can cause serious problems if you ingest them. Drinking your own pee is a safer scene than eating something that has traces of shit on it, yours or anyone else’s. Hard alcohol in an enema will cause severe burning, pain and damage to your lower GI.”

Well I think I have discussed this enough, if you are ready when can go on to other areas of the castle. Just keep in mind that the bathroom here in my castle is a very versatile place!