Gift Giving to the Mistress

There are those slaves, submissives and potential trainees who like to show me their thoughtfulness and generosity through giving me gifts I will both enjoy and find useful. Keep in mind, gift giving has no strings attached; that is, it will buy the slave no favors. I have given some thought to the type of gifts I would enjoy most receiving and get the most use and pleasure from.

Any of these items would be joyfully accepted. Of course you would need to consult me first for exact specifications of want I want/need. I will either tell you the website or the store where the exact item can be found, or the amount needed to fulfill the specific gift choice. Flowers, in beautiful containers, are always welcome. I like to keep fresh flowers in my home at all times. And if it’s purple it’s bound to be a hit!

New Bras (44D), Fetish Shoes or Boots (size 7 1/2-8 US), A New Printer, A Flatbed Scanner, My Portrait Done by Sardax, Goddess Statues, Gift Certificate for for Books, Rhinestone Jewelry, Desired Book(s), Leather Restraints (purple), Turbocooker (cooking pan), Weekend (or any two nights) Getaway at the Ramada in Lewiston, Blank VHS Tapes (Scotch), A Tree Planted in My Name on Earth Day, Long Leather Coat, Goddess Items, Swiss Colony Gift Cert., Goddess Book(s), Fashion Bug Gift Cert., A Trip to Mardi Gras, Magazine Subscriptions, A Paid College Class, Postage Stamps, Designer Sunglasses, Rose or Lilac Perfume, Nokomis Perfume, Other Purple Leather Implements, Herbal Medicines, Pampering Accessories, Original D/s Poetry (written just for/about me), Amazon Items, One Month’s Rent, Books(s) on Amazons, One Month’s Utility Bill, Domina Robes (or long lingerie), A Week’s Groceries, Restaurant Gift Certificate (local), Domina Toys, Leather Hand Shaped Paddle, Purple Roses Braided Cat Flogger, One Month’s Laundry Bill (or come take me to the laundromat), Tapered School Canes, Candles (especially purple and/or lilac scented), Computer Accessories, Designer Sheets (King size), Frederick’s Gift Certificate, Digital Camera, A slave biographer, A slave photographer, A dependable errand or live in male slave

Of course, not as personal, but always acceptable, cash tribute through

I adore things feminine and this applies to how gifts are presented to me. I enjoy the Victorian look, so papers and ribbons that are pleasing to the eye and have a Victorian look are very appealing to me. I enjoy receiving greeting cards for any or no reasons. I am particularly impressed by those slaves who send me thank you cards. It shows a great deal of devotion.

Email me today with your gift offers for details on how to send them to me. Or make arrangements with online companies to email me for delivery instructions.