Welcome to My Garden of Domination!

It is a very special place, of beauty and wonder, unlike any other garden. I’m allowing you to visit, to learn, My reality. This is a special place you will want to visit often. It is peaceful here, soothing. The chains of social dominance are gone.
Instead, in My garden, you will experience the freedom of truly being yourself, exploring and discovering the depths of your psyche that truly allow you to submit to Feminine Authority. You will learn the eternal mystery, the paradox, freedom through submission.

There are beautiful, colorful flowers here, and they are watered by the countless tears of surrender before you. Their fragrance is exquisite and intoxicating – the essence of pure femininity, and their fragile pink blooms are inspiring to behold.

Look upon them and value them. They are the result of knowing your inner self, again watered by the countless tears of sweet surrender. They are so rare.

The flowers in My garden are very special to Me. They hold a fond place in My dominant heart. My sweet flowers; patient lilacs, loyal irises, feminine peonies and loving roses. I have nurtured every one and they have prospered from My touch.

The air is crisp and clean here, in My garden, unpolluted by cruelty to Mother earth. There is music here, soft and haunting, intense in its mood. Listen and it will overwhelm you, it will make you Mine.

There is shelter here. The towering trees offer solid repose. A shelter unfound anywhere else in the world. You have come to Me, you have come to My place, in My secret garden. Already on your knees, naked and vulnerable. your precious pink soul quivering in anticipation, as you breathlessly await my decrees.

I sit on a throne of rainbow crystal, the light reflecting countless colors in the air. The fire in My eyes intense with the belief of Feminine Authority. My symbol of that authority lays purposefully across My lap. You gaze nervously, knowing how quickly I will teach you your place at my feet. And you do want to learn.

I am gowned in Feminine splendor, My long hair flowing down My shoulders. I am dominant. I always have been, and always will be, ultimately dominant. It is as rare as the beautiful flowers in My garden. My sparkling blue eyes can see past your fears, past your hesitation. Yes, I see that timid little spark, that eager hope, the very submissive soul of you.
I have been here in My garden relaxing, considering your fate, waiting for you. I enjoy watching you crawl to Me, for that is how it should be. You should never raise yourself above Me, symbolically or physically. You are a supplicant in My garden. As such you have no rights. You have only what I decide, in My infinite wisdom, to grace you with.

In My garden, every word I speak is law. Every wish or whim is your command. This is the sum total of obedience. Obedience is respect, and respect you will learn. Just as we will respect each other as two mortal beings, you will learn to trust Me.

Behind Me you will see a gateway. When you are allowed to pass thru this gateway, after your preliminary evaluations, you will be tested. You will be tested to see if you truly have what it takes to serve Women. As you pass beneath the gateway, you will enter a back garden. Here you will learn the basics – rules and regulations, attitude, etiquette, behavior, deportment. These are basics that should be expected from any supplicant to any Domina. You will learn the difference between punishment and discipline, and the importance of each.

For truly the act of submission is one in which the supplicant submits to the will of another, not himself. If it is the Domina’s wish to train you, to punish you, to ignore you, to put you to hard labor, to play with you or to banish you, that is Her choice alone, and it is your place to accept, in trust and love.

You will learn these basics well, and many more. You will be tested, time and time again, to see if you truly belong in the Garden of Domination. These tests will take many forms: tasks, both physical and intellectual; responses, both emotional and spiritual.

Yes, you will learn submissive enlightenment, and if you are truly capable of being a submissive, you will go beyond the basics. You will enter into the world of the contract of servitude. Rules you will live by.

For now you shall be content to know that you kneel at My feet, subservient to My will, and I will use all the tools a Woman has, to enhance and develop your submissiveness. It is a gradual journey. We will begin at the lowest level and as you progress, you will learn more and more what dominance truly means, how pervasive it is in any aspect of living.

But this is more than need tax your mind now. It should be enough to know that it is your duty to please Me. When I tell you to do something, you are to respond, “If it pleases you, Mistress.” you are to think of Me in terms of respect and honor. I will think of you in terms of your submission to Me. I respect the gift of submission you give to Me, and will use it to mold you.

You kneel before Me naked and vulnerable, for surely nothing should come between a Domina and Her trainee. You will welcome the shelter of these trees, in My beautiful private garden. You belong to the music, the sweet drifting melodies. You will remember the air, crisp and clean, with maybe a faint hint of My Womanly perfume.

Gaze once more upon My flowers, those fragile, delicate blooms, watered by countless tears of sweet surrender. You too shall water My lovely flowers, you too will suffer surrender for Me. It is so peaceful here, so soothing, it is sweet and comforting to be able to put yourself in another person’s hands, to open your inner soul to the beauty of submission that is within.

Now it’s time for you to leave My garden. Take one last look at My beautiful throne, see the rainbows, the beautiful gleaming crystal lights.

I will wait for you, I will wait for you to come back to My garden, and I will lead you down the path, thru the gateway, to the arena of your testing, and when the time is right, I will lead you thru the door.

You will think often of My Garden of Domination. You will think often of this special place of beauty and wonder. It is unlike any other garden. You may search the world over, you will not find My garden anywhere else.

I will wait for you, I will wait to see you crawling down the path to My feet, and then I will lead you, I will lead you into the inner realms. You will wear My collar, you will follow My leash, you will be named by My will.

I’ll be waiting in My Garden of Domination…

(Excerpted from “Garden of Domination”, audio cassette used in Ms.C.’s training program.)

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