Kali’s Teeth Anti Erection Device

This is a long page, but immensely fascinating as I enjoy the various aspects of CBT, chastity training, denial, orgasm training and control. I believe the KTB is THE perfect tool for this type of training. It is also a wonderful device for the chronic masturbator slave when the Mistress doesn’t want to spend all of her time correcting him. Let Kali’s punishing teeth do the work!

The Owner’s Manual is an older piece (1995) and as you read further down you will see there are modifications since then.

Owner’s Manual

The purpose of the Kali’s Teeth security device is to remind the male that erections and orgasms are not permited without consent of the Owner. It is a physical preventive device. Therefore, in the interest of orgasmic control training the KTB should be worn for the amount of time abstinence is desired. It will be noted that unpermitted intercourse will be impossible without serious injury to the penis. Proper use will not cause permanent injury.

Since the KTB does not have a hinge, care must be taken in opening and closing the metal bracelet. Actually, the fewer times it is opened and closed, the better. Gently pull on ends of the bracelet until the gap is from 5/8ths of an inch to 3/4ths. Carefully squeeze the limp penis through the gap, placing the bracelet about halfway down the shaft of the penis. Go easy on this device to prevent damage to the device and/or the penis.

Make sure the padlock is small enough for the holes in the KTB. The gap should be on the exact underside of the penis so that when the padlock is put on, it will not be easily seen. Unless the Owner wishes to display the lock, in that case the gap should be on the exact upper surface of the penis. The easiest way to put the padlock on (and take it off) is to hold it sideways and ease it through the holes, then lock it and turn the lock forward.

Tested males have relayed a few of the effects of wearing the KTB. Erections are possible. However, if the male persists in letting himself get erections, for whatever reason, the teeth will, indeed, leave tiny-tiny marks. Once the bracelet is removed, these marks will form tiny tiny scabs which will shower off after 3 or 4 days, leaving no sign. If the male can keep his mind on proper thoughts, the scabs will not even appear.

The male can be tested on effectiveness of his control over his own erections in a number of ways as he wears the bracelet. These include rigorous tease techniques, visualization of sexual enjoyments woven through the spoken word , intimate services to the owner providing certain Tantric services to the Owner that do not include the penis. However, the device should be worn during everyday activities, employment, etc. It should only be removed by the Owner for permitted orgasmic activity.

The Owner may desire to remove the KTB in order to allow the male to become aroused without discomfort. Periodic teasing to erection enhances the use of the KTB. Care should be taken not to allow the male to orgasm during these teasing exercises unless the KTB will be removed for at least 24 hours. These permitted orgasms should be few and far between to ensure the success of the KTB program.

The new version of the Kali’s Teeth made here at Femina Rising is hinged, even tho the Owner’s Manual handout mentions the older unhinged version. See photos in the gallery. I think it doesn’t lose it’s effectiveness but is a lot easier for a Mistress to handle. Also, the spikes are much closer together. Surprisingly, this does not diminish the effect. Should I find a new live in male slave who fits into my household and is also handy with tools, I will start manufacturing my version again.

Presently one of my pre-slaves in training (meaning he has not yet formally enrolled) is the subject of one of my experiments. He has in his posession one of my brass hinged KTB’s and my audio tape Hypnotic Submission. At this point, I have not put him on a schedule with it but I am allowing him to use it as he will with the condition he submit to me daily reports. He is doing so and these reports will be available in the future to my enrolled students in Slave School 2000. So far I am enjoying the effects, soon I will be adding various new dimensions to the experiment. He has also mentioned he may take pictures. As soon as he has enrolled, I will more formally guide him with this experiment as he learns the General Lessons and how to apply all of that to what he is already doing. As well as the KTB tease lesson in the Slave School archives.
It is too soon to tell. I have had very good results with my audio tape hypnosis in the past in reinforcing and deepening submission (that is already there). Perhaps I am making a Pavlovian connection between the KTB and being submissive. I received some interesting comments by email about perhaps using the two together so that the effect of the KTB could still be there when the KTB is not being worn. And incremental steps to have the submissive actually feel a phantom KTB when becoming aroused. This will require several new scripts and several audio tapes, but I am thinking of doing it. What I need to do that is to be able to tap into the submissive’s thought processes while wearing the KTB. So the raw data from the experiment I am conducting now, may assist with that. Maybe not, I would probably need several more to participate.

An account by a male whose Mistress utilizes the Kali’s Teeth
Bracelet anti-erection device:

At the beginning of chastity, the first hour or two are always fun, Mistress teasing and tormenting, you playing coy little subby. After those first couple hours, i get the first uncomfortable adjustments, trying to get everything to sit just right so nothing is pinching or digging in or just doesnt hurt. Nearly impossible, but you try, eventually you get soft. The changes you go through in experiencing the control over yourself ar vaired. I experienced feelings of shock, fear, and paranoia at times. Albeit brief moments, there are these times, and they do make you reconsider a lot of things about
yourself, and what led you to this position.

Inner reflection

The fear and paranoia are brief moments, moreover the reactions you experience come in four to five main stages.

The primary stage being “the rush” this is when before and after the device is locked on. This stage can produce sexcitement, fear, anticipation, “sub space”, and other highly emotional thoughts and feelings.

You are being locked away by the one that owns you, and now they have achieved another level of control, uncomparable to aything. They own and control your complete sexual actions and reactions to everything. The rush of emotions usually cause excitement of the penis as well, unless you have control already, or are just too afraid to achieve excitement.

This stage fades after about four hours of noncontact from the owner (when they stop torturing you in it :]), and you move on to the next stage.

The Secondary stage is a multifaceted stage, and can change for a lot of people dpending upon their personality.

On one effect, the person has realized that any sexual response becomes painful very quickly.As to this effect one of two things can happen. The first being, when the person gets excited, which cause an amount of pain. This causes the person to react and become more stimulated causing even greater amounts of pain and fear for an hour or more. This continues even while sleeping, until the person gains enough self control to wear the device without being brought to tears. Masochists have a real problem with this happening.

The second effect is that of the person being hurt a few times and losing erection quickly, fear and pain set self control in quickly with the person and they learn quickly that the device can be very painful.

Being as such they develop self control rather quickly. (Note: Even those with the greatest of self control can be awakened very painfully with an erotic dream.)

Eventually the person begins to accept their fate and stage three begins.

The Third stage is where the person developes the final abilities of self control. In this stage the person wearig the kalis teeth has learned to control his own feelings and stimulations, which brings on the next phase of training and psychological adjustment. The keybearer (person who can take the teeth off) now has the responsiility to try to stimulate the submissive until he gains excitement, whereas it is the submissives responsibility to restrain himself. If not he is caused great pain once more.

This is what i would consider the core. The psychological and physical emotions and responses have been gauged. The submissive is in great fear of being in pain again, and it is 90% sure he will be until he learns to control himself against your advances. The level of fear is different though, it has changed from a fear of being in pain and just hurting, to a fear of being in pain and disappointing the keybearer.

Their world is quickly moving towards the next stage. The next stage may come before this stage is even finished.

The Fourth stage is the stage where emotions run higher, and the brink of anticipation begins. In this stage the submissive is beginning to feel remorse for his excitement if they are still not in complete control. They are highly submissive, but are on an emotional roller coaster, violent mood swings are even a possibility. The subject is now feeling extremely vulnerable, beaten, almost nothing. They are at a level to be programmed to almost anything. But it must be done with great love and caring. A spanking at this point can be an emotional overload which leads to a river of tears.

A good time to do so, if your submissive has been holding in a lot of emotions, and you gauge very carefully that doing such will not cause emotional damage or trauma. There is also a glimmer of anticipation, since they are learning total self control, that they are reaching their goal and may be released soon ( the ever present power of hope and the human spirit) a good cheering on or even a present at this point can mean the world and advance their training willingness by leaps and bounds. At the psychological level the next stage may start after stage Three is complete.

The Fifth stage is where the victim is under control of the physical excitement. The submissive at this point has learned to control his excitement and at this point is anticipating release. Bear in mind the time frame of this whole event may be anywhere from one week to a couple of months. Depending upon the trainers preferences. At this time psychologically they may be okay with what they have learned, but can definitely be a walking time bomb of emotions. Lashing out is a common thing, but only because they are so high strung on a vast range of different emotions, including anger, humiliation, frustration, submissiveness, pride, joy, strength, weakness, hopelessness. And all these feelings are not being felt seperately, they are bombarding the submissive all at once. This causes a reaction in the submmissive of being lost and confused. However their overall reaction at this point is a very docile and servile one. These other emotions only take over in sporatic rashes.

The time for release can be teased, gambled upon, played with as much as is to the keybearers pleasing. And the sbmissive will be ever willing and ready to serve, and ever anticipating release.

The Final stage Release, this is where you must have the most control. The first few days the submissive may still have a very docile attitude, but do not forget the VERY important fact that they still have all these emotions bottled up inside them. A variation that works for me, is a creative outlet of some sort, music dancing, whatever the subbie enjoys doing to blow off steam and release emotions, as well as a couple of long drawn out scenes, which lead to release after much torture and physical and emotional strain. These two things wil help drain the submissive of all the fireworks they had stored up. Once you have fully accomplished this, for a week or longer it is a good idea to keep a very firm and controlling hand on your submissive, as they will have the urge to push back and try to do as much as possible to retain the torture. But by showing them a firm loving hand this psychological reaction can delve them even further into their servitude towards you.

The emotional and physical roller coaster ride has ended for the moment… please watch your step on the way out folks.

Dont forget that the KTB is a tool like anything else in slave training, and must be accompanied by psychological training, love, caring, and above all else, a sane controlling factor. The submissive will need a loving arm, a port from the storm now and then. Please be there for them.

Contrary to what some believe, I am not a man hater! Being a Mistress all these years and dealing with all manner of rude, inconsiderate, selfish and arrogant males it is a wonder that I am not. However, there are those diamonds and gems along the way that make it all worthwhile. I genuinely and thoroughly enjoy training male slaves in the aspects and arts of submission to a Mistress. I believe this is what sets me apart from many ProDommes who see this solely as a business, and Fantasy Facilitators who are concerned with serving the customer. I am a slave trainer. I also train slaves who will live in my household either part time or full time. The KTB is one of those tools and training methods I find extemely valuable.
I believe orgasm control and denial is very important in the development of the submissive male. Many males I have worked with over the years have reported to me that immediately after achieving an orgasm, all sense of submission or desire to be submissive vanishes. This diminishement seems to last anywhere from a few hours to days, weeks or months. As you can see, in a servitude setting this would be extremely destructive to the Mistress/slave relationship. Especially in a setting that the slave is there 24/7.

Thus, I use the KTB and other methods to ensure chastity. I allow periodic release under very controlled circumstances, and via the techniques that I teach. Unauthorized masturbation and slave orgasm is punishable in my realm. And the punishment will fit the crime. If the slave cannot be taught, controlled or trained to control orgasmic urges, he will be dismissed. I rarely give second chances to those who are untrainable for any reason. I give ultimate opportunities to those who are trying to proceed in their training, and have the right attitude.

Maid Bobbi’s Kali’s Teeth Experience

I also provide temporary training in orgasm control.

As it turns out, Maid bobbi was badly in need of some orgasm training. She confessed to me that she had taken it upon herself to play with herself without permission and had an unauthorized orgasm in the wee hours of the morning reflecting on her training. This is simply not tolerated here in Mistress Infinity’s castle. All slaves and sissy maids are under strict orgasm control and must have permission for any orgasmic outlets. It is not my fault if they find certain aspects of the training and lifestyle sexually arousing. This just goes to show how much they really do need the training and enforced control I provide. So it was not too soon that my little miss Maid bobbi was locked into the cruel punishing teeth of the Goddess! Thus, Maid bobbi was scheduled for the orientation and did complete it. She did beg for release before the allotted time was complete, but release was not given. Instead, I spent the time in teasing and tormenting her. Of course, I had no intention of allowing another naughtiness to occur. In fact, the teasing was productive, the offending member began to swell and the teeth did their job in discouraging the erection. That is why I call it an anti-erection device. I also derived a certain amount of personal satisfaction and pleasure putting Maid bobbi through the KTB training. It is so amusing how quick they will beg NOT to be sexually teased!

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