The Journey Ends

One of my past hypnotic submissives wrote a story for me. While I like the story, I believe the ending illustrates what happens when a Mistress imprints herself on the soul of a submissive and then abandons him. A very heartless thing to do. There are many ways a Mistress can imprint herself, hypnosis is only one. You decide:

The darkness lifted. He was tired, so tired. When would it end?
The pins and needles had faded long since into a dead numbness that had crept throughout his limbs. He was hanging on the cross, spread wide, arms and legs cuffed, naked except for the fetters, hood and matching posture collar. His head rigidly in position, the position that She had dictated.

He tried to shift his weight. She smiled at his discomfort but continued chatting. The glass delicately poised in Her hand as She talked animatedly to the couple who seemed fascinated by the conversation.

He couldn’t hear anything of what they said. All he could hear was the sound from the earphones. Her voice in his ears, calming him, instructing him entrancing him. The darkness returned to him once more…………..

“……….You are drifting down, down, falling deeper and deeper into submission. Just release, relax and submit to my control. There are no limitations in your life other than those I impose on you. You are an exceptional slave and you will provide exceptional service.”

“You are now relaxed, centered. I’m fully in control of you. Feel my energy around you, breath deeply, relax, submit totally to me. Breath deeply and feel my inspiration and energy and power, its all around you and within you, it animates and energise your every living atom and cell. Stay with my magic and my magic will stay with you.”

“Submit to me, deeper and deeper as I count down, 5 4 3 2 1 Zero zero zero. You are entirely free from the doubts of the past. Free to serve me, free to obey me, free to worship me. You look forward to the prospect of belonging to me totally for ever. This is what you exist for, to experience and enjoy my complete control. You belong to me, you dedicate yourself to me, physically, emotionally and intellectually.”

“This is your living reality, for the more you give of yourself to me the more you find life repays. When you truly give yourself to me then you will be truly free. You are no longer a member of the common herd. You belong to me, you are to serve me and this fulfils you. You are my slave, a dedicated slave.”

“Now I will allow an image to drift into the mirror of your mind, a clear picture of yourself serving me. See yourself relaxed, happy, content, obedient. You don’t have to explain or excuse your dedication to me, to any one in your life. True friends will all be delighted, for they will all understand. They will understand that it is good for you to be my slave, that you need to belong to me……….”

He saw the reflection in the mirror opposite. A stretched and helpless body. The black leather mask, skin tight on the face, the air bag inflating up and down in time with his breathing. Anonymous, pathetic, a creature without identity or personality. A bizarre sculpture of deranged passion.

The party carried on all around him. No one paid much attention to the lifeless figure. They didn’t know who he was, one of Her latest victims? Who cared? It seemed unfashionable to show interest or concern. It was a very fashionable party.

“Oh look the tape has stopped I think he is back with us. Are you with us slave?”

Her hot breath tickled him as She whispered seductively in his ear. “It’s what you always wanted isn’t it sweetheart? Or is it a little stronger than you imagined?. Reality is a little harder than fantasy you know. Its silly to struggle. You know how it’s going to end.”

Her perfume teased him, he could feel the warmth of Her body. How he ached for Her, how he loved Her. Why did he need this? His stomach tightened and an intense wonderful energy swept throughout his being.

He knew that only She could fill his empty spirit so.

Her hand reached down and teased him expertly. His cock swelled and it dribbled in urgent anticipation. She stopped.

“Yes you know lover, it always ends in tears. Tears of Eros? Or tears of misery?” What do you say??

He choked into his gag, he was quite beyond his limits. She knew, but being a real sadist She took pleasure from it.

“I didn’t quite catch that? Perhaps you need a different kind of stimulation.” and She slowly unscrewed the lid of the bottle and poured a substantial amount of it’s contents on a pad of cotton wool. The familiar sweet smell instantly made its presence felt. Mistress unzipped the breather bag and slipped the wad inside.

“Phew!”, She said in mock distaste, “what horrid stuff!”

Slave began to grunt like a pig into his gag. Mistress purred with delight.

His head thumped and whirled with strange visions and delirious thoughts. Her voice restarted in his ears and the darkness returned once more………..

“……….Breathe deeply and feel my inspiration from my energy and power, its all around you and within you, it animates and energises your every living atom and cell. Stay with my magic and my magic will stay with you. My energy is warm all around you. Submit to my energy. As I slowly count the numbers from 8 to 1, I want you to release, relax and let yourself drift 10 times more deeply into submission.”

“10 times more deeply into submission with each and every descending number as I count…..”

“8, letting go now….”

“7, drifting, drifting down ,down, down….”

“6, more deeply submissive….”

“5, releasing, submitting, just letting go….”

“4 deeper now , deeper now…..”




“Zero zero zero…..”

“You are drifting deeper and deeper into a blissful state of submission. For the deeper you go, the better you feel, and the better you feel the deeper you go and you just drift down, down, down. Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero………….”

He stood alone in the crowd. The people swirled around him but he was totally alone.

He had lost Her many years ago. She had moved on to destroy other spirits. But he could still hear Her voice in his mind.

His eyes had that haunted look. The kind of look you see in those desperate souls who beg silently on the streets. He had searched for years for some care in his community and found none. He was beyond redemption. She had made sure of that.

He had managed to keep a token exterior sign of sanity. He went through the motions of life. Eating, drinking, sleeping, working. Day after day of pointless, empty existence. An existence without joy, without peace, without purpose. Without Her.

He stood in the cold winter sun, thinking of Her and the tears flowed down his cheeks.

Tears of Eros.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey into hypnotic submission. I have enjoyed preparing it for you. I hope you will want to experience this journey often.
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